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HiGro by Rinnal

HiGro by Rinnal

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One Box of Rinnal Contains 16 Litres (17 Quarts)

  • TWICE THE GREEN, HALF THE WATER - A lightweight soilless potting medium designed to create a better environment for plant growth by providing excellent water retention with drainage - giving your plants the best chance at growing tall and strong roots without becoming compacted in their own root rot.
  • ENHANCED WATER RETENTION - Our peat moss soil alternative growing media can hold up to 60% water by volume. This amazing ability prevents dehydration and over-saturation while retaining just enough moisture for your plant's roots to prevent root rot.
  • EXCELLENT SOIL AERATION - This coco fiber alternative provides excellent soil aeration for plants- 40% by volume. It prevents compaction allowing room in your potting soil so that roots can grow and prevent the wilting of indoor or outdoor plants. Provided is enough material to pot roughly 10 plants in 3-liter planters.
  • AN INDUSTRY SECRET - This sustainable soilless potting mix is developed and produced in the Netherlands. It's an industry secret (not anymore) used by professional gardeners worldwide for many years, allowing them to grow plants with ease while reducing their impact on our environment!
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION - We completely believe in our product. You can use our moisture control potting mix alternative with both outdoor & indoor potting soil to grow lush, beautiful plants! If, for any reason, you aren't thrilled with your plant garden supplies, reach out, and we'll be here to help.


Rinnal is a specialised hardform, manufactured using a water based resin.

Coverage Area: One box of Rinnal will fill more then 10 8 inch containers (amount may vary depending on your usage and plant water consumption)


Packaging: Box

Box Dimensions: 12.2 x 4.7 x 16.9 inches

Box Weight: 1.98 Pounds

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