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Coco Coir & Peat Moss Alternative for Potting Soil & Garden Soil - Unique, Spongy, Lightweight Growing Media for Potting Mix - Enhance Water Retention & Growth for Indoor & Outdoor Plants by RINNAL. 

Soil less potting mix used by professional gardeners and landscapers around the world for many years. 

Use RINNAL in all your planting to grow healthier plantsRetains water to make it readily available for your plantsAerates the soil to make it less compactProvides ideal growing conditions for plantsSuitable for all plants and vegetables


Why Rinnal?

Use less water in your garden. Using Rinnal, will conserve water and benefit the environment whilst giving you luscious plants and vegetables.

Rinnal holds up to 60% water and 40% air by volume. 

With our renowned, water-saving outdoor / indoor plant soil additive, plants require less frequent watering, saving you up to 50% water - while also helping to prevent dehydration and oversaturation. Superior water holding and faster rewetting properties than other commonly used growing media. 

At Rinnal, we created our plant soil alternative to coco coir and peat for the ideal plant-growing environment. Our potting soil mix enhancer is an aminoplast resin that provides impressive aeration properties that allow roots to grow, while preventing soil compaction for healthy lush plants.

For a happier planet and an incredibly happy garden! 

Rinnal is a great replacement for coconut fibre and peat with all the benefits your plants love. Using our earth friendly product for outdoor and indoor potting, we no longer rely on coconut harvesting and we can allow peat bogs to go back to nature.

How to Use HiGro by Rinnal

  • Easy to use and super absorbent for my Fall Mums

    Product was easy to handle and super absorbent. Excited about keeping my Mums healthy and not drying out in the Fall sunshine.

  • Perfect for my potted plants in the Florida heat!

    I have had a terrible issue with keeping my potted hibiscus plants hydrated in the Florida sun. This product has made a huge difference in my plants being hydrated and how often I have to water them. Prior to adding this into my soil I was watering twice a day and the soil was still bone dry at the end of the night. With this product I water once daily and it still has some moisture at the end of the night.

  • Very absorbent

    I got this to use it as a soil amendment.

    As for a soil amendment though, its really amazing, since moving to a house with a heat pump, my house plants seemed to be constantly dry, after adding this I have been

    watering about once a week again