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How it Started

My name is Colm, the proud founder of my company, Rinnal. I am originally from Dublin, Ireland where my true passion for our environment and the great outdoors began. When I am not working, you will find me on the open road, on a golf course or taking long walks along the lakes and hills or enjoying a family barbeque in my garden.

When I was young, my parents were avid gardeners and loved to grow anything and everything from spring onions to rhubarb to roses and succulents. I have vivid memories of my mother worrying about her precious produce dying in warm summer weather when we went on vacation. Always the first task when we returned from vacation was to attend to the garden. 

I come from a science background, with humble beginnings as a food technologist for the biggest soft drinks company in the world where high quality production was paramount. After 20 years, I transitioned to working with one of the world's leading producers of natural ingredients to the food and beverage industry. I collaborated with clients world-wide assisting them in creating and sourcing high quality natural ingredients for their products.

Over the past 35 years, I have seen huge growth and change in both plant and food production where sourcing high quality, natural ingredients goes hand-in-hand with its impact on the human body as well as our global environment. Being aware of the many challenges that the natural world faces, one vital issue that stands out for me is ensuring that plants have enough water to live and thrive. 

My journey today has literally brought me back to the roots of plant and food production, soil and water!

I discovered this super-versatile, environmentally friendly water-based resin hard foam product which is used by professional landscapers and gardeners as a soilless growing medium in commercial gardens, green houses, hydroponics, sports fields and golf courses.

The benefits of Rinnal have been scientifically proven and it will help nature. Water conservation and better management of our natural resources are now more important than ever. 

When you spend so much time, money and love on your plants, you don’t want to see them die when you go away for a few days. With memories of my mother and today’s inventions of often complicated self-watering systems, I knew this product should be made available for domestic and amateur gardeners like us.

Rinnal is an environmentally friendly product, as it is biodegradable and compostable. It will help your plants grow quickly and healthily from seed to fully grown. It helps the plant roots grow towards the water that Rinnal will hold as a reservoir, thus creating stronger bigger plants. 

Rinnal can be used in hydroponic growing, vertical gardens, lightweight roof gardens, regular gardens and potted plants. It is designed to retain water and aerate the soil, so less watering is required. 

I hope you enjoy great success with your planting. Your plants will appreciate the help and reward you with great results. You will enjoy twice the green with half the water!

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