Meet Rinnal at National Ploughing Championships

Ploughing is one of the oldest human activities, central to the development of agriculture. Ploughing fields - either with horses or tractors - is full of skill and technique, trying to achieve straight lines and neat furrows.

We are delighted to announce that HiGro by Rinnal will be the Hosting at our stand at this year’s National Ploughing Championships being held in Ratheniska in 2022, and will take place from September 20th to 22nd. Would you like to meet Rinnal? Yes? Great. Keep reading….

What to Expect:

See for Yourself how Rinnal works.
Meet the Rinnal Plant and see the difference HiGro makes for your Plants.

Where to Find us:

THE HUB - Dolmen - Retail & Business. Block no: 3, row no: 39, stand no: 609, Unit no: 17.

Buy your Ticket here to get a chance to meet us: Link